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2ndheader5CREDITY - Next Level Credit Management

“CREDITY is the optimized decisioning & collaboration web tool for international credit management, that you can use for the daily management of your business customer portfolio”

  • Highest possible transparency & control of all default risks
  • Integrated collaboration for the daily work across teams & clients
  • Turnkey-access to business and credit information of companies on a global scale
  • Fast and easy launch of all services
  • Even your IT will love it 😉

CREDITY - Next Level Credit Management by CRIF

CREDITY is ready for you. Get on-board.

credity_logo_v2 International Credit Management of your business customer portfolio

Our profile

  • We are serving more than 55.000 clients around the globe with
    – credit information systems
    – business information & ratings
    – credit management solutions
  • We are experts in credit management
  • We are 35th of the FinTech 100 ranking

Your profile

  • You are serving more than 2.500 business customers
  • You are running cross-border business or you are present in more than one country
  • You are a credit manager or heading up the credit management
  • You like to ease the effort and complexity of your daily work
  • You like to have more time for your clients and focus on most important decisions

Our offer

Start the CREDITY on-boarding process and manage your business portfolio with an outstanding web tool

  • We provide credit management best practice
  • We built next level credit management
  • We offer a modular service approach
  • We guarantee shortest time to go-live
  • We provide build in business information

credity_logo_v2 Our USPs


credity_logo_v2 Features

  • Application processing

    Create your business specific application forms which allow to trigger the application process (manual or automated). Application forms can be provided i.e. to the sales team for mobile access.

  • Customer Master Data

    Manage available customer master data of your buyer or supplier. All internal and external party identifier are maintained in one place.

  • Access to external data

    Access to external business information out of the box (coverage of 230 countries via SkyMinder) and with possibility to extend the connectivity to your preferred data provider.

  • Credit Assessment & Monitoring

    Manage key figures of your buyer portfolio with real-time monitoring. Perform process driven portfolio assessment and assign ratings accordingly to your credit policy. Define your own scoring rules and rating classes.

  • Flexible BI/reporting

    Use interactive Business Intelligence functions and create meaningful reports by yourself based on complete data base from CREDITY.

  • Predictive Analytics

    Learn from the past and anticipate the future development of your buyer and supplier or the complete portfolio. Detect potentials for business growth.

  • Sales Support

    Support sales with relevant information for business development of existing customer and prospects. Provide customer potentials for increasing the sales revenue.

  • Supplier Risk Assessment & Monitoring

    Manage key figures of your supplier portfolio with real-time monitoring. Define your own scoring rules and rating classes.

  • KYC & Fraud Prevention

    Fulfill external or internal compliance directives and detect fraudulent behavior in your portfolio.

  • Fully integrated TCI processing

    Process driven integration of trade credit insurance (TCI) provider and support of policy obligations.

credity_logo_v2 Your CREDITY is now ready for boarding.

Our optimized and standardized onboarding process allows a short time to go-live. See following steps to get onboard.

Get onboard with Credit Management by CREDITY
  • The onboarding process starts with providing you instant access to our online CREDITY service area right after contract signature
  • You can then access all relevant documents (i.e. guides, questionaires, specifications)
  • Now you can prepare for the initial consultancy workshop and forward technical information to your IT team.
  • In two or more moderated consultancy workshops we discuss your specific requirements
  • The CRIF consultancy team will show you how to shape & configure your CREDITY service
Set up
  • Once the workshop results are confirmed from both parties the CRIF operations team will setup your CREDITY service accordingly in one of our data centres
Test interfaces
  • After a final test of the connectivity you can already access your CREDITY services
  • Additionally your IT team can start to implement and test the agreed I/O interfaces
  • You and your IT team will be supported by the CRIF consultancy team
  • Our consultancy team will configure your CREDITY services according to the agreed specification
  • We will perform an initial data upload, execute data calculations and create the initialization reports
User training
  • Power User training will be provided by our consultancy team
  • After that you can continue with your individual configuration of the CREDITY services, i.e. by setting up your user profiles.
Final check
  • Once your configuration is completed our consultancy team will run a data refresh to prepare your CREDITY service for live operations
Go Live
  • You can now start your daily business with CREDITY

credity_logo_v2  Turnkey data included. Globally.

Online credit information on more than 200 million companies from 230 countries & regions.

  • SkyMinder is our new service for international business credit information. We enable you to have fast access to the best local providers of financial and corporate information for each requested company.
  • With SkyMinder integration in CREDITY you can retrieve international business reports easily and immediately online. Any information, regardless of which country, offers a uniform layout that clearly arranges the wealth of information. SkyMinder offers high-quality information thanks to the daily updated data of CRIF credit agencies and the most qualified local information service providers.
  • In this way you can also obtain the best quality of information from regions where the procurement of information is a major challenge, e.g. from Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

Your advantages

  • Easy and quick identification of companies thanks to intelligent search logic
  • Clear structure of information for quick detection of key data
  • Identification of companies
  • Financial information (balance sheets, key figures etc.)
  • Examination of the acting persons / management
  • Determination of ownership and shareholdings
  • No additional contract required
Enhance your Credit Management with SkyMinder

Contact Us

We would like to inform you that any personal data acquired will be processed, including automatically, by CRIF S.p.A. via Fantin, 1/3 – 40131 Bologna, Italy for the purpose of sending out advertising materials or marketing communications related to the activity of CRIF S.p.A. or its subsidiary and associated companies. The data provided will be handled with absolute confidentiality and can be communicated to other CRIF companies for the same purpose as identified above.

Under article 7 (rights of access to personal data and other rights), you have the right to access your data, requesting correction, supplementation and, under the appropriate circumstances, deletion or blocking.

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