CREDITY Configuration


Simple handling

The simple handling of the CREDITY configuration allows you to adapt CREDITY to your current and future needs quickly and with ease.


Adjustments or changes of scorecards will automatically change your scorings and assign new limits without the need for human intervention.


Decide on incidents and events when CREDITY should create a tasks and set reminders to individual users or groups.

CREDITY enables you to communicate with your clients directly from the system in your corporate design.

Manage approval and cooperation processes easily

Approval processes are adhered to automatically by the service and you have an overview of all the key figures and data important to you at all times in a clear and precise fashion.

With CREDITY you can significantly improve the cooperation between your Sales and Credit departments.


Individual processes

  • Individual configuration of workflow (e.g. DoA, tasks)
  • Configure and design email templates and campaigns and get feedback from external debtors
  • Definition of rules and calculation of limits for your customers and suppliers
  • Company-specific approval processes are adhered by the system
  • Calculation of important key figures according to your specifications and configuration
  • Configuration of tasks and alarms/reminders which will be automatically generated

Administration in customer hands

  • Self-explanatory user interface, configuration for easy adaptation without external help (e.g. create users, configure scorecards, adapt approval processes, create compliance guidelines etc.)
  • No IT involvement necessary for configurations
  • During initial configuration alongside our CREDITY consultants, PowerUsers learn everything to configure CREDITY to their company’s needs.

Integration of Sales Processes

  • Analyses, information provision and exchange, limit requests, assignment of rights according to user roles, access to information on screen based on roles.

“We are delighted to have found an innovative partner in Credit Management in the CREDITY team. The integration of Echobot allows CREDITY users to include risks such as insolvency notices or negative reports from online media in their decisions at an early stage. At the same time, positive reports can offer opportunities to reassess earlier decisions.”