CREDITY Information


Great decision-making

Bundling of all relevant information for better and more secure decision-making: Assess your clients based on consolidated data from internal and external sources.

All relevant data in one place

Rapid and straightforward mapping of data from your previous systems into CREDITY and back: With CREDITY you can work more efficiently without interruption by system breaks and have all relevant data in one place.

Manage TCI & agencies

Manage trade credit insurers directly from your customer file and enrich your portfolio with information from TCIs as well as agencies.


Interface to Internal Data

  • System-independent interface for connection to all previous systems such as CRM, accounting software etc.

Interfaces to External Data

  • Integrated interfaces to trade credit insurers
  • Integrated interfaces to data providers (e.g. SkyMinder)
  • Integrated access to compliance data

“We are delighted to have found an innovative partner in Credit Management in the CREDITY team. The integration of Echobot allows CREDITY users to include risks such as insolvency notices or negative reports from online media in their decisions at an early stage. At the same time, positive reports can offer opportunities to reassess earlier decisions.”