CREDITY Monitoring


Automated monitoring

Time saving through management by exception. CREDITY alerts you to any abnormalities in your portfolio automatically; for example, any changes to an entities scoring or limit.

CREDITY allows you to make your business processes even more efficient and only intervene in a targeted manner. All relevant information is presented in a precise and easily manageable way.


Use your time-savings gained through CREDITY to make better strategic decisions, plan ahead and analyse – while your debtors are constantly automatically monitored by our system.

Modern and intuitive interface

You always only see exactly what you need for your daily work load with the option to customize the service accordingly.


CREDITY functions such as automated calculation of credit limits, risk classifications and more support your work in an audit-proof and transparent manner.



  • System-controlled monitoring
  • Event-based automatic generation of configured alarms and tasks (Management by Exception)
  • Selection of over 300 different task types possible
  • Automatic recording and logging of all activities (audit-proof)
  • Automation of processes: New customer information, limit allocation, risk classification, alerts based on system events, dependencies, automatic task assignments and much more

Effective overview

  • Interactive reporting
  • Innovative Company/Buyer construct: Avoidance of duplicates, mapping of business relationships, flexible account management

“We are delighted to have found an innovative partner in Credit Management in the CREDITY team. The integration of Echobot allows CREDITY users to include risks such as insolvency notices or negative reports from online media in their decisions at an early stage. At the same time, positive reports can offer opportunities to reassess earlier decisions.”